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BANYAN solutions create value for providers and patients across the entire continuum of care.

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With results from more than 56,000 consults showing significantly improved Quality Measures and Clinical Outcomes, our revolutionary virtual care delivery platform offers one solution across your entire health system. 


Capital Avoidance

Leverage one platform to scale spending across your continuum of care…

Operational Savings

Empower coordination and delegation while reducing overtime and open positions...

Staffing Utilization

Optimize and utilize your current staff with top of license productivity…

Patient Satisfaction

Improve HCAHPS scores for better engagement and distinction of your health system...

Clinical Outcomes

Improve outcomes for better care delivery, higher reimbursements and more patients...


Results: 56,000 Consults*

Quality Measures Improved

Down Call Light Response Times**

Down Attention to Needs

Down Nursing Communication

Down Nursing Listening

Down Courtesy and Respect

Clinical Outcomes Improved

Down Patient LOS

Down Readmissions

Down Hospital-Acquired Infections**

Down 1:1 Sitter Utilization

Down Falls with Injury

Down Calls/Sitter Hour

* In 2016, BANYAN documented a minimum of 20-25% improvement in these quality measures and clinical outcomes over 38,000 consults. Results will vary based on your (mild, medium or aggressive) implementation model. Contact us today for a customized assessment based on your staffing model, number of patient rooms and your implementation tolerance.

** Results based on hospital's care team workflow redesign. 

OR solution in practice

“The Einstein of Technology”

Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center in Lincoln, Nebraska implemented our OR/LAB Integrated Display Platform. It’s helped doctors and nurses be more efficient during surgeries, gives them access to the same high-res images and keeps them in the OR as lab and test results are accessed and displayed on screen.

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Article courtesy of Saint Elizabeth RMC


Fall Prevention in practice

MetricPre-Implementation BaselinePost-Implementation BaselinePercent Improvement
Falls Per 1,000 Patient Days 6.29 4.90 22.10%
Falls with injury per 1,000 Patient Days 1.62 .72 55.56%
Annual Physical Sitter Hours 7,728 1,264 83.64%
Cost per Patient Hour Monitored $22.47 $1.72 92.35%

From August 2015 through October 2015, a pilot study of the Fall Prevention Platform was conducted on a 35 bed rehabilitation unit located in a 350 bed non-academic acute care hospital.